Water level is down

Greenway is passable again at the concrete sidewalk and ford. Overflowing water is shallow and slow moving so, if you go slow in the lowest gear, you can get through without getting wet. Lots of mud on greenway under the Reynolds Park Road Bridge so be careful there. Trail is in good shape.

Status Report

Greenway is flooded at the ford; the water is high and fast. Trail is in good shape; there is evidence in places that trees had fallen in groups.

Storm damage

Greenway is flooded and has trees down across the trail.

Trail on north side of lake is CLOSED due to numerous trees down.
Trail on south side of lake is open between the two parking lots and is in good shape but it's crowded.

Hash marks

With the heavy rain last night, I'm sure the Salem Creek Greenway will be flooded at the concrete ford. The Salem Lake Trail will probably be soggy and shouldn't be ridden to prevent ruts from forming.

I'm a retired Navy guy. On the Navy enlisted blue dress uniform on the lower portion of the left sleeve, you may see a patch with diagonal slash marks on it. For every 4 years served with good conduct, a sailor earns a good conduct medal and ribbon. For each subsequent good conduct award, a silver star is added to the medal and ribbon. In addition, the sailor earns one red slash mark for every good conduct award. For as long as the sailor maintains at least 3 consecutive good conduct awards, the stripes are changed from red to gold. Sailors have traditionally referred to these slash marks as "hash marks." They also use the term "hash marks" when referring to slash type markings on anything, including underwear.

On yesterday's bicycle ride on the Salem Lake Trail, I started seeing "hash marks" on the surface of the trail. These are the short black slash marks caused by a bicycle tire skidding due to its wheel being locked down by the brakes. You usually see the marks on downhill sections of the trail, in curves, and especially in downhill curves. Sometimes there are accompanying marks indicating a crash. I have had my share of making unintentional "hash marks," both on the trail on my underwear. It pays to slow down in curves, especially when on a dry hard-packed cinder trail because once you began sliding on it, it's similar to being on black ice.

Flooding gone

Flooding in the valley is gone. Still some overflow at the concrete ford but it's no problem.

Flooding on Salem Creek Greenway

Greenway is flooded and impassable at the concrete ford. The ford and the sidewalk beside the creek are flooded with rushing water. It will be a few days before the area becomes passsable again.

I started riding on the greenway at the WSSU lower parking lot and got turned back by the flooding so I rode back to MLK Dr., up to Bus. 40, turned right onto Lowery St. and got on the Bushy Creek Greenway. I rode up to Waterworks Rd. and onto Winston Lake Rd., circled the lake, and rode up the long hill to Old Greensboro Rd. where I turned right and rode down to Waterworks Rd. I turn right, rode down the hill to the Busky Creek Greenway , turned left and then backtracked to the WSSU parking lot. Total ride was about 12 miles.


Nice ride!

I rode the Atlantic & Yadkin Trail from the Summerfield end to the Greensboro end and back today, 17 miles. The trail is in good shape, just the usual small debris from trees. It was a nice day and a nice ride. Lots of ducklings near the lakes.


Enough is good but enough is enough!