Turn Triad Trail Tracker into an app using the Edge Chromium browser

Turn TriadTrialTracker or any web page into an app using the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

It's easy:
  • Go to your favorite website with Edge Chromium:
  • Click on the dots on the top right and choose 'Apps' and choose 'Install this site as an app.'
  • The app is created and an icon to it is created on your desktop.

Slack riding year

For 6 years, I averaged 1400 miles a year of trail riding. For 2019, it was 250 miles. The primary reason for this was my moving to Salemtowne Retirement Community. There are so many things to do here and, being new to the community, I've sampled about everything.

After being here a year, the newness has worn off and I have settled into the routine of doing the things I enjoy doing. Hopefully, I'll get back to regular trail rides again this spring.

For everyone else, keep riding as much as you can.