Satus Report

The new parking lots and restrooms at the main entrance and Linville Road entrance are now open.

Status Report


The greenway is clear with no problems. The Reynolds Park Road bridge construction is finished and the greenway is paved under it. The speed hump that was on the greenway on the east side of the bridge is gone but the new pavement under the bridge is bumpy.


All the leaves have fallen but the trail is clear of leaves. You have good visibility around turns for a few months until the leaves come back.

A road scraper and two front loaders have been working on the trail for the past few day so watch for them. The scraping has helped fill in the ruts but the exposed rocks and roots are still there, some of them have been exposed even more so watch for them.

Even after no rain for weeks, the mud hole on the side of the trail on the north side of the lake in the curve about half a mile from Linville Road is still there. The water must come from a spring.

The new restrooms and parking lots are almost finished.