Salem Lake Trail Status Report

The trail is most dry. It is covered in leaves in some spots, has single or dual paths through the leaves in some spots, and is clear of leaves in some spots. Be careful since the leaves hide obstacles. Be extra careful on the large dirt hill on the south side of the lake since the leaves are hiding deep ruts. The good thing about fall is that, with no leaves on the trees, you can see further down the trail and, in sharp curves, you can see traffic on the other end of the curve.

Salem Creek Greenway Status Report

On my ride to toward Salem Lake, the greenway was covered in leaves and looked similar to a single track through the woods. On my ride back from the lake, a leaf blower was clearing the greenway of leaves so it should be clear of leaves for good since most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. There are muddy areas in the usual places. Water over the sidewalk ford has back off enough for a clear passage. The concrete ford has overflow, but, if you pedal slowly you may get through it with dry feet. Just remember to shift into a low gear before crossing; if you do not, you will be unable to climb up the hill out of the water and will have cold wet feet.

Local ride

I took the bike to Performance Bikes in Greensboro, NC for a 1500 mile tuneup and drive train cleaning. I keep the bike and drivetrain clean but when I go the bike back the drivetrain was so shiny it sparkled. I don't know what they did to clean things but the bike looked better than new. Since I'm sure trails are still wet and soggy so I did a 10-mile local ride today. The gear shifts were smooth as silk. I'll try to ride the trails later this week

Author's Note

My riding season is coming to an end early this year. I reached my 1400 mile goal for a total of 4000 miles over the last 3 years. Normally, I cut back on rides after Thanksgiving but slow recovery from my last accident has caused me to stop early this year and start my winter schedule of attending more Les Mills fitness classes at the YMCA.

Therefore, my trail status updates will be sporadic until next spring. For those of you who ride during the winter months, please post trail status updates for other all season trail users.

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