Bottomless Rut

Nameless trail users who deserve falling into a bottomless rut

Selfie idiot. Approaching a tight curve in a low area at bottom of a hill. Had clear view ahead and of the trail after the curve, all was clear. Entered the curve and there was a family of four, with a dog, sitting in a group in the middle of the trail in the middle of the curve staring up at a smartphone while smiling for a selfie. I have found that idiocy tends to run in families.

Side-by-side riders. Today, I met twice and passed once a middle aged man and woman riding side by side, one in each lane; the man in the wrong lane. Instead of moving back into the correct lane, each time he just moved toward the outside of the wrong lane and expected me to go between them, and then gave a stupid smile.

Earbud users. Those trail users who wear earbuds with music so loud you can hear it as you ride by them. They never hear passing warning calls or bells and are oblivious to everything happening on around them. I came up behind one woman, who, after numerous rings of my bike bell, suddenly turned and exclaimed "I wondered what that sound was!"

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