Using Triad Trail Tracker

For all viewers

The blog will display and is useable on any device, with any size screen, that has internet access.

To check TKDTutor trail status posts
  • Check home TKDTutor posts and any comments posted to them.
  • Use 'TKDTutor Post Labels' to view TKDTutor status reports for a specific trail.
To check member submitted trail status reports
  • Check comments made to home TKDTutor posts.
  • Select 'TRAIL STATUS' item on main menu, select the trail, and read page comments.

For members only

To submit trail status report
  • Select 'TRAIL STATUS item on main menu, select the trail, and submit the status report as a comment to the trail's status page. 
  • Submit a comment to home TKDTutor posts or to their comments,