Trail Status

Work was in progress on the greenway today. The pile of rocks at the valley sidewalk has been cleared. Hopefully, the deep sand on the greenway was also cleared.

The annual 30K foot race is this Saturday morning so the trail will be closed until afternoon. The city usually grooms the trail for the race so maybe some of the ruts and holes will be filled.

Trail Status

Everything is passable but be cautious.

- Clear of fallen trees and limbs
- 2" of sandy mud in places. Can be trickly if not careful.
- Sidewalk valley is flooded but passable.
- Ford has a rapid overflow that is powerful. It's passable if you use care.
- At the west end of sidewalk just before the picnic table, the greenway has two feet of loose rocks piled on it. Unless you have a mountain bike and are a skilled rider you'll need to walk over it.
- The north side is not too bad except for one area at the east east end about 1 mile from Linville Road. Lots of fallen trees have been removed and the trail has some really rough areas.
- The south side is not much different than before the storm.

Trail Status

Salem Creek is still up about 6" from the last few rain storms, so if we get a lot of rain from Florence, it will get nasty.

The greenway has fast-moving overflow in the sidewalk valley and over the ford but the area is still passable. Deep sand at spots on the greenway. Sand on greenway at the sidewalk is nearly up to the picnic table so the weekend flooding was at least that high.

The trail is clear but has water puddles and more deep rutting. A few ruts were so deep I had to hop over them. Sand and deep ruts at bottom of the west side of the big dirt hill make it dangerous; better slow down when descending the hill. All the trees are heavy with leaves and some are leaning way out over the trail so more rain and wind will surely bring them down.

If we get a lot of wind and rain, the greenway and trail may be unusable for a couple of weeks.