Greenway and Trail are normal

Concrete ford on greenway has increased overflow, but there is no problem in crossing it. Trail is in good shape except for deep ruts on the hill beside the Linville Road parking lot. Lots of traffic on the trail due to spring break, which also means more children on the trail.

Getting greener

Greenway and trail are getting greener. Looks nice, but it means visibility in turns will soon be limited. Still a little water flowing over the concrete ford on the greenway. Starting to get more traffic on greenway and trail so be careful.

Greenway still has detour - Trail is in good shape

The greenway still has the detour in effect with no end in site; it looks as if it may be next year before the construction ends. Concrete ford still has some overflow so be prepared to ford in a low gear.

The trail is in good shape. No recent rain means no new ruts and the long-standing muddy curve edge on the north side of the lake has dried up, Since the trail is dry and hard-packed, loose material on the surface make it slippery in some areas, especially curves.

More traffic

Nice 18 miles ride today from WSSU lower parking lot, to the dam, CW around lake to the main parking lot, and then CWW around the lake and back to WSSU. Trail is still in good shape except for deep ruts beside the Linville Rd. water fountain. More trail traffic today, Spring has sprung.

Trails are looking good

Some water is still overflowing the concrete ford on the greenway. Since there has not been any recent rain it must be because the culverts under it are clogged. On the trail, watch for ruts on the big dirt hill and on the hill beside the water fountain.

Since there are no leaves on trees, you get high visibility through turns and great views of the lake and the city skyline.

First trail ride of the year

I did a 10 mile local street ride Sunday, first ride of the new year, and everything still works, on me and the bike.

Today, I did an 18 mile Salem Creek Greenway and Salem Like Trail Ride. The greenway is clear. There is mud under the Reynolds Park Road Bridge underpasses as usual. The concrete ford had some overflow but it is not a problem. The trail is in good shape. Most of the ruts on the eastern side of the big hill on the southern side of the lake have filled in (from trail traffic, certainly not because of any park maintenance). There are remains of several large fallen trees on the northern side of the lake. Also, there is the usual mud on the side of two curves.

Nice day for a ride. A little windy, but still nice. There was not much trail traffic but the wrong side of the trail walkers were still out in full force.