Reason for Triad Trail Tracker

I bike on trails four or more days a week. Before I decide if conditions are conducive for a ride, or where I want to ride, it is nice to have current information about the weather and trail conditions. It is easy to find the current weather on the web or on apps but there are no places to find current conditions of local trails. City and county websites appear to update information about the conditions of their trails about once a decade.

I provide current conditions about trails I ride on, but only when I ride on them. I usually ride parts of the Salem Creek Greenway, with a loop or two of the Salem Lake Trail, so they are the ones I report upon most often. If other trail users will post comments and current conditions for trails they use, we will be able to keep other riders up to date on current trail conditions on all triad trails.

I am regularly adding new information to the forum so keep checking back.