Trial Status

The greenway is normal. The broken section of sidewalk below the dam has been filled in so it not a danger.

The trail is normal. Ruts, rocks, and roots are still there.  Ruts are getting worn down so they are not as deep or abrupt. Upturned tree trucks, one on the north side and one on the south side of the lake, have left large holes on the edge of the trail.

Trail Status

Greenway is normal, no overflow at ford.
Trail is normal, deep ruts in some areas.

Trail Status

The greenway is clear. The bridge in Washington Park has debris stuck in the side rails. Since the rails are over ten feet from the normal surface of the water, this shows how much flooding there was in Salem Creek.

  • From Marketplace Mall to Main Street the fallen trees have been cleared but there are patches of deep sand especially under the Broad Street underpass. 
  • From Main Street to the dam the greenway is clear and scrapped; it's cleaner than before the flooding. 
  • There is some overflow in the sidewalk valley and at the ford but easily passable. The sidewalk has a section broken off near the ford end. 

The trail is clear.

  • It has been scrapped in some places but where fallen trees have been removed the trail surface is uneven and tricky. 
  • The big hill has more rutting on the western side and more sand in the curve at the bottom of the hill. 
  • There is a tree leaning over the trail at the sharp curve that's between the main parking lot and the short bridge.
  • Near the short bridge, an uprooted tree on the edge of the lake left a large hole on the edge of the trail.

Salem Lake Trail Closed

As of 2 August 2018, the Salem Lake Trail, Salem Creek Greenway, and Muddy Creek Greenway are closed CLOSED due to flooding.

The Ford and sidewalk valley on the greenway are probably flooded with raging water as seen in the past when we've gotten this much rain.