Trail Status

The greenway is in good condition. There is flooding over the concrete sidewalk and overflow at the ford but both are passable.

The trail is in good condition. Some standing water in the usual locations. Big dirt hill has more and deeper ruts. Foliage has leafed up so visibility in some turns is limited.

Side Ride

Very windy today so I made a side ride and rode the Long Branch Trail and The Strollway.

From Market Place Mall, ride the Salem Creek Greenway to the Research Parkway underpass and turn right on the Long Branch Trail cutoff. At the parkway, turn right and take the sidewalk toward town. Cross Ram drive to the bike path. Ride the path to MLK Dr. It is uphill all the way from the greenway.

Turn around and ride back down the bike path to the 3rd Street path exit, At the traffic light, turn left on 3rd Street. Ride up the hill, across North Liberty Street, and down the hill.

Turn left on Town Run Lane, cross 2nd street and enter The Strollway. Ride The Strollway downhill all the way back to the Salem Creek Greenway. Turn right on the greenway and ride back to the mall.

The round trip is about 7 miles.

Trail Status

Greenway is okay; 2" of overflow at the ford but easy to cross.

Trail is okay; the usual rocks, roots, and ruts.

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