Kernersville Mountain Bike Park

Length: 3-mile loop
Surface: Dirt
Type: Mountain bikes
Difficulty: Intermediate with some optional advanced sections

The park is a collaboration between the Town of Kernersville and the Kernersville Cycling Club. The park consists of about 27 acres of city land. Construction and maintenance are handled by volunteers managed by the Kernersville Cycling Club.

A short gravel entrance road leads to a gravel parking lot that has lots of information signage and a commercial porta-potty. The trail starts beside the signs at the front corner of the parking lot and ends at the back corner of the parking lot.

The trail is a one-way, single track, 3-mile loop with mileage markers every tenth of a mile. The trail is classified as intermediate and designed for serious mountain bikers using mountain bikes. However, novice riders may easily complete the trail by using the bypasses that go around the more advanced sections and even walking through some sections. I rode the trail on a quality hybrid bike and it was hard work; not something I would want to do again. With a mountain bike, it would have been fun.

The trail uses about every part of the terrain possible; boulders, narrow spaces between trees, ravines, water crossing, logs, drop offs, etc. with minimal tree cutting. There is enough distance between obstacles to maintain your momentum for the tougher sections. Some sections have rock pavers to prevent mud. Some sections have very well-constructed wood ramps, bridges, etc. One section has a wood ramp with a series of whoop-de-doos built-in that leads to a boulder crossing and then more ramp whoop-de-doos.

The volunteers should be thanked and supported for all the work they have done to make this a beautiful park that may be enjoyed by mountain bikers of every age.

For more information, check out: Kernersville Mountain Bike Park

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