Riding Status

I'm into my 7th year of riding, but, since my move to a retirement community, I been riding less and doing many more things, such as circuit training, yoga, weight training, and hiking. I still ride, but, instead of 4 to 5 times a week, it more like once a week. My riding stats so far are:

Total rides: 520
Total miles: 8,488. all dirt trails and greenways
Average miles per ride miles: 13.3
Average MPH: 12.5

The Salem Loop starts at Salem Creek Greenway trailhead at the Marketplace Mall, goes to Salem Lake, circles the lake on the Salem Lake Trail, and then returns to the greenway trailhead, about 16 miles. So far my Salem Loop stats are:

Salem loop rides: 409
Salem loop miles: 5,996

Trail Status

Greenway and Trail are in good shape. STILL have overflow at trail sidewalk and ford.

New Ride

I drove to Mt; Airy, NC and road the Ararat River Greenway. It was part of an initiative to restore the waterway with the twin goals of improving water quality and increasing recreational opportunities for residents. The river is wide, not too deep, with crystal clear water gently flowing over lots of rocks. The greenway meanders alongside the river from Riverside Park to Tharrington Park. At its southern end, you can access to the Emily B. Taylor Greenway via a connector so both greenways flow together and seem like one. The Emily B. Taylor Greenway stretches north along Lovills Creek to Veteran's Park. Using the greenways, it's 6.5 miles from Riverside Park to Veteran's Park; a 13-mile round trip. If you choose to, you can ride from Veterans' Park back to Riverside Park on sidewalks and streets; it's only 1.5 miles.

Both trails are smooth asphalt with no holes or standing water. There is a gentle grade with no hills. Both trails are in immaculate condition. No graffiti anywhere. No trees downs anywhere that you can see. The concrete that surrounds each of the above ground sewer accesses is painted with artwork. There are numerous areas to access the river for fishing or swimming and numerous connectors to other parks, restaurants, and shopping.  There are polished granite markers every quarter mile.

These are really beautiful greenways and a nice place to ride.


Trail Status

The greenway and trail are in good shape EXCEPT for two trees down on the trail on the north side of the lake about a mile east of the dam; the trees down block the entire trail. With your bike, you must climb an embankment, climb over two trunks, and then climb back down the embankment.

When traveling counterclockwise, there is a short straightaway leading up to the trees so they can be easily seen. When traveling clockwise, the trees are in a blind curve so you have very little time to react to them.

The wind storm occurred last Friday so the trees probably fell then, which mean they have been there for almost a week. There no warning signs, cones, etc. to give you prior notice of danger. Good to know that the city is concerned about your safety.

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